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Zoho CRM Plus

The Best Unified Customer Experience Platform Zoho CRM Plus is a unified customer experience platform that enables you to provide an amazing customer experience at every stage of a Client’s journey and convert them into brand Champions. It allows you to engage with them across multiple channels at each point of the client-journey.
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~ Zoho CRM Plus Features ~

Get a Bird’s eye view of your Sales activities with Zoho CRM Plus Software

OmniChannel Engagement

Inter-Team Communication

Insights and Intelligence




Zoho CRM Plus ~

Omni-Channel Engagement

This feature allows you to bridge the gap between your sales, marketing, and support team by ensuring a positive customer experience across all channels such as phones, emails, surveys, and social media.

Zoho CRM Lead Management Software
Zoho CRM Lead Management Software
Zoho CRM Plus ~

Inter-Team Communication

Allow your sales, marketing, and support teams to collaborate in real time and convey deliverables across departments by bridging the distance between them. Every team member can collaborate to provide a consistent customer experience before, during, and after a sale by using a shared customer database and real-time messaging capabilities.

Zoho CRM Plus ~

Insights and Intelligence

This feature provides customer centricity which means placing the customer at the heart of your company’s operations. This begins with having the correct facts and understanding how to make informed judgments prior to, during, and after a transaction.

Zoho CRM Lead Management Software
Zoho CRM Plus ~

Zoho CRM Plus Software Enables Effective Collaboration at an Affordable Price.

The Zoho CRM Plus Software is a single location from which your team can communicate, be accessible, and get holistic insight on customer information. This allows them to create tailored experiences for customers at every touchpoint, retain clients, and eventually turn them into valuable brand champions.

FAQs ~

Zoho CRM Plus Frequently Asked Questions

You’re able to connect upto users on Zoho CRM Plus and enjoy a 30-day free trial.

A few of the below apps available include;

  • Email marketing automation campaigns
  • Zoho CRM
  • Desk
  • SalesIQ
  • Team collaboration projects
  • Customer feedback using a survey
  • Zia, an AI-powered conversation assistant.
  • Zoho Social and Campaigns

There are no long-term contracts available with Zoho CRM. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your account.

Zoho CRM Plus user license is a combination of 10 Zoho applications. Zoho CRM Plus License is purely on per User per month or Yearly subscription based. Assume you purchased three Zoho CRM Plus user licenses. You then launched CRM Plus applications in response to the three users’ requests.

If you just have two users activated for Zoho CRM, you can edit their access without purchasing another license.

You’ll need to acquire an additional license if you want to provide the user access to a different user.

No, in order for us to cease charging your deactivated users, you must downgrade the user licenses.

If you cancel your Zoho CRM Plus Subscription and switch to the individual applications, you will not lose any information.