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The Best Online Project Management Software

Zoho Projects is a full-fledged online project management software that caters to the needs of companies of all sizes and sectors. With a wide range of Zoho Apps and third-party integrations, Zoho Projects is one of the most integrated project management tools around and fits perfectly into your work ecosystem.

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Zoho Projects Features

Project Management

Project Templates

Task Management

Time Tracking

Team Collaboration

Charts and Reports

Project Administration

Issue Tracking

Gantt charts


Mobile Application

Client Portal

Zoho CRM and Books Integration

~ Zoho Projects ~

Zoho Projects is The Best Project Management Software that you’ll ever use

Task Automation

This tool allows you to construct workflows using Zoho’s blueprint editor to automate your normal tasks. You may also utilize workflow rules to automate every aspect of your project and specify conditions for particular rules to be executed, such as sending notifications and alerts.

Zoho Desk Ticket Management
Zoho Desk Agents and Departments


Zoho CRM, Zoho People, Zoho Desk, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Analytics, and Zoho Docs, to mention a few, can all be integrated with third-party apps as well as Zoho services.

Issue Tracking and SLA

Through issue tracking, you can easily submit issues by manually entering them, importing them from other issue tracking software, or exporting them as spreadsheets.

SLA creates a contract with your clients outlining the quality of service you give by establishing some ground rules for issues, such as when and to whom an issue should be escalated, and timelines for when an issue should be fixed.

FAQs ~

Zoho Projects Frequently Asked Questions

Zoho Projects is now available on all devices. Regardless of where you are, you can access and control your work. Even if you’re outside of the office, you can view, edit and approve project documents right from your phone or tablet. The app is free for Zoho Projects customers with a Zoho account.

While using Zoho Projects, it is possible to delete and then re-add a project/client user. It is also possible to delete a project/client user and then re-add them after making changes to the client/project details.

You can examine your timesheet report by user or project using Zoho Social. You will get the overall view of your statistics, including total billable hours earned, average billable hours per day or week, and other information. In the home section, select My Timesheet and to access timesheet reports across projects, use Filter.

The My Milestones tab displays all overdue tasks across all projects. Use the Filter option in the Milestones section to see all the overdue tasks of a specific project. The overdue tasks are displayed by date and include the due date for each task, who assigned it, and its description.

Get a quick start on planning and running your projects with Zoho Projects’ Free-User Plan. This edition allows you to plan and run projects from your browser or from mobile devices. You also get project reporting and collaboration tools and use them indefinitely.