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Attract And Engage Talent With The Best Human Resource Management Software

Zoho People is a Complete Human Resources Management Software that is designed to streamline your back-end HR processes and provide an amazing employee experience. It has features to help you with your recruitment, onboarding, and HR policy management processes. Customize all of your HR processes to provide a seamless experience for your candidates.

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Zoho People’s Features


Employee Self Service

Core HR

Payroll Integration

Document Management and E Signature

Performance Appraisal Management

Employee Database Management

Leave Tracker and Leave Balances

Attendance Tracking

Employee LMS

HR Process Automation

HR Data Analytics

Time and Attendance Management

GPS and Mobile

~ Zoho People ~

A Flexible and Effective People Management System
That Keeps you Updated in a Fast-Changing World

Employee Onboarding

Create a memorable welcome for your new hires by customizing their onboarding experience. An employee’s first day is extremely important, portraying your company culture by taking care of matters such as their devices, team orientation, and company-branded gifts like notebooks and jumpers creates a good first impression.

Zoho People Employee Onboarding
Zoho People Attendance Management

Time and Attendance Management

Say goodbye to time-consuming sheets and adopt a more effective approach to tracking employee attendance. With Zoho People; a cloud-based attendance management solution, you can generate analytical insights, regularise attendance, and allow your on-site and remote staff to check in from anywhere.

Leave Management

With Zoho People, you have complete control over your leave system. Choose whether holidays and weekends are counted as days off, how days off are divided into pay periods, and how long each form of leave lasts.

Zoho People Leave Management
Zoho People Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal

When conducting employee performance reviews, this feature evaluates numerous aspects, including Key Performance Indicators, skills achieved, and other abilities. You can access all of this information and evaluate many aspects of an employee’s performance with Zoho People.

Zoho People Security

Trust and Security

Trust and customer security is the foundation of everything we do at Zoho. Built on our own cloud, battle-tested infrastructure, we deploy industry-leading safety measures so you can rest assured that your data is safe and protected 24/7.

Zoho People Illegibility

Increased business agility

The skills your company needs, where employees work and how your company itself functions continue evolving. Zoho arms you with the ability to adapt to these changes, to have consistent, accurate, and real-time visibility of your global workforce with better decision-making.

FAQs ~

Zoho People Frequently Asked Questions

When you subscribe to Zoho People, You have access to the following features;

  • Employee self-service
  • Leave management
  • Timesheets
  • Attendance management
  • Intuitive Form builder
  • Performance appraisal management
  • HR Process automation
  • In-built HR forms
  • Data view and Reports integration

You may onboard your new hires much more quickly by inviting them to the client portal, where you can send the offer letter and assign papers such as business policies, tax forms, and other documents ahead of time, easing the strain on their first day. With e-signature technology, new hires may securely sign all of their required paperwork.

Zoho can be tailored to fit almost any industry including; Education, Information Technology, Health Care, Finance, Construction, Hospitality and so much more.

Yes, there is a 30-day trial period for the HR solution, and no credit card information is necessary to use it.

Yes, Zoho People enables you to carefully monitor employees’ time in order to get team benefits.