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From a single, powerful platform, manage the whole contract lifecycle and automate your contract procedures.
Contract management is a set of corporate processes for creating, exchanging, and evaluating contracts in order to improve business performance and reduce risk.

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Zoho Contracts Features

Predefined Templates

Instant Contract Creation

Built-in Document Editor

Document Assembly


Sharing and

Creation and Document Authoring

Negotiation and Counterparty Review

Renewals and Extensions

Obligations Management



Reports and Analytics

Digital Signatures

IOS Mobile App

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Zoho Contracts Provides Everything You Need to Close Deals

Creation and Document Authoring

A lawyer may encounter a variety of obstacles, including maintaining language uniformity, identifying blind spots that could lead to major hazards, and going through a costly and time-consuming contract authoring process which can all be managed with the document authoring feature.

Zoho Contracts Digital Signatures

Digital Signatures

Avoid the time and effort of hunting for and scheduling a signatory to sign critical documents. For all papers that require authorisation, use the Zoho Contracts electronic signature.

Predefined Templates

Regardless of your business size or cycle, Zoho Contracts provides industry-standard, time-tested contract templates with clause languages that may considerably speed up your contract lifecycle.

FAQs ~

Zoho Contracts Frequently Asked Questions

There are numerous benefits and you can increase the efficiency of your legal processes as well as your contract management with Zoho contracts, resulting in improved business outcomes.

Features available are Zoho CRM integration, Contract Templates, Contract Authorizing, Approval workflows, Negotiation and Review, Digital Signatures and Obligation Management to name a few.

Yes, Zoho Contracts offers a 15-day trial period during which no credit card information is required.

Yes, Integration between Zoho Contracts and CRM is possible. With the Zoho CRM interface, you can improve cycle times by establishing transparency between your sales and contracts operations.

Yes, there are several contract templates that are industry-standard, time-tested, and come with clause languages that can help you speed up the contract lifecycle.