Zoho Inventory ~

The Best Stock And Inventory Management Software For Businesses

With this robust stock management, order completion, and inventory tracking software, you can increase your sales and keep track of every product. Zoho Inventory allows you to Monitor all your Company’s warehouses, move stock and generate reports.

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Zoho Inventory’s Management Features

Order Management Software

Warehouse Management

Inventory Management System

Inventory Tracking Software

Inventory Control

Order Fulfillment

Marketplace Integrations

Inventory Reports

Order Templates

Inventory Mobile App

Purchase Order Templates

Shipping Channels Integration

Mobile APP

Payment Gateway Integrations

~ Zoho Inventory ~

Zoho Inventory Makes Inventory Management Simple

Inventory Management System

Zoho Inventory Management Software tracks two types of Stock which are Physical and Accounting Stock. The Physical consists of received stock and shipments while Accounting consists of bills and Invoices.


Marketplace Integrations

The Sales Order Management System is integrated with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify to broaden your reach. Modify inventory numbers throughout every channel whenever an order comes in through integrated Sales.

Warehouse Management

Manage numerous warehouses, transfer merchandise between them, and create reports to have a better understanding of warehouse management.

FAQs ~

Zoho Inventory Frequently Asked Questions

Zoho Inventory management will assist you in inventory management. This includes keeping track of inventory sales and purchases, storing it efficiently, tracking stock, validating adequate inventory levels, to mention but a few.

Zoho Inventory has multiple features to for managing inventory that meet your specific business needs and they include:

  • Stock Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Sales Order Management
  • Ecommerce Integration
  • Zoho Books Integration

There are two stock tracking modes in Zoho Inventory:

Physical Stock: When a Purchase Receive is made, your stock will increase, and when a Shipment is delivered out to the customer, your stock will decrease.

Accounting Stock: When a Bill is raised, your stock will increase, and when an Invoice is given to the customer, your stock will decrease.

You may add batch numbers to your items in Zoho Inventory in two ways: first, when adding a new item, and second, when recording a new purchase bill. To do this, you can follow the procedure below.

  • Clicking the Plus icon next to Bills
  • Create a new bill page.
  • Add a batch tracked item to a line item
  • Add batches option appears in the quantity area.
  • Click it and fill in the batch information for the desired quantity.
  • Click Save.

Yes, it’s possible. A single account can be used to manage several organizations. To add another organization use the steps below as a guide.

  • From the drop-down menu, select ‘Manage Organizations.’
  • It will open a new window where you can create a new organization or switch between your current ones.
  • Select New Organization from the drop-down menu.
  • The new organization’s rapid setup window appears.
  • Complete the required information and you now have a new organization.