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Increasing Sales & Engagements with Zoho CRM

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Your sales KPIs remain the same whether you work from an office where your sales team is present or from home where you only interact with them during video conferences. Whether you’re a sales manager or a sales representative, your duties still include generating income, surpassing your sales quota, and reaching out to potential clients to schedule appointments.

What measures can you take to increase sales productivity and engagement? 

Continue reading to discover ways to have meaningful conversations using Zoho which is the best CRM and email marketing software, send out emails that translate into sales, and ultimately increase sales.

Understand your customers

Even if you might wish for it, not everyone has the potential to buy your product. Use your Ideal Customer Profile and buyer personas to better target prospects who are more likely to convert, increasing the likelihood that your marketing and sales efforts will be successful.

For example, if you have a product designed for grocery stores, a buyer persona might be: “A small-town rural grocery store owner who owns her own business and values family time.” She’s likely looking for ways to increase her business’s profitability without sacrificing quality or service.
Once you’ve identified your ideal customer profile and created buyer personas, use them as guides when marketing or selling to prospects. Make sure that all of your marketing messages resonate with these buyers so that they’ll want to buy from you over anyone else!

Pay close attention to your customers

Don’t have a buyer persona or ICP? Discover what your consumers have in common since they have purchased from you (and this can be more than one thing). Does each of them share the same title? Are they all aligned vertically? Are they close to one another geographically? These parallels serve as the basis for identifying the characteristics of your Ideal Customer.

Identify the characteristics they share in common—for example, maybe they all work at the same company or live in the same city. Once you’ve identified the parallels between your customers, use them as the basis for identifying their commonalities. Does each of them share the same title? Are they all aligned vertically? Are they close to one another geographically? These parallels serve as the basis for identifying the characteristics of your Ideal Customer.

Pinpoint your Frustrations

Think about the issues your target clients and current customers experience when you evaluate them. What prevents them from producing at their highest level? Technology? Budget? Processes?

If you’re like most businesses, you probably have a laundry list of things that could be improved. But if we had to pick one thing that’s holding your customers back, we’d say it’s a lack of clarity around what they should be doing with the tools they already have.

How many times have you heard someone say, “I’ve got all the software I need to run my business better, but I don’t know how to use it”? Or maybe even worse—you’ve said it yourself!

The bottom line is this: if your customer isn’t able to access the information and resources she needs to make good decisions about her business, she can’t get ahead. And when she can’t get ahead, neither can you.

5 step for engage your customer

Find the Right Approach

Make sure to include seven to twelve total touches in the sales cycle, you develop to reach out to potential clients. These ought to take the shape of social outreach, phone calls, texts, and emails. The best way to do this is to keep track of all of your outreach efforts. You should have between seven and twelve total touches in the sales cycle you develop to reach out to potential clients, which will take the shape of social outreach, phone calls, texts, and emails. If you’re intentional about using email then Zoho email marketing will come in handy, it is undoubtedly the best CRM and email marketing software.

Customization is essential

Recall those areas of discomfort I described earlier. For each of the seven to twelve touches, you’ll use them to build customized, targeted messaging. Nobody desires to hear a sales pitch that might be heard by anybody walking by. Add in some personal information, such as the difficulties the individual may be experiencing, the name of a friend who recommended you, or anything they recently put on LinkedIn.

Outline victories

Because they have already made the decision to purchase them and are enjoying the benefits, your satisfied customers are the ideal ambassadors for your goods. Sending a case study or customer quote that demonstrates how it has helped them grow revenue or productivity—or better yet, both—can persuade a potential customer who is in the consideration stage of the customer lifecycle to make a purchase.

Use the proper equipment

Although it appears obvious, this is not the case. Examine the crowded market for sales engagement solutions, find the best email marketing software or CRM, and focus on what your particular business needs to boost productivity and promote sales engagement. You will have everything you need to increase your sales engagement and productivity after you have the correct sales engagement tools and have done your research to develop targeted sales outreach messaging (whether it is a cold call, cold email, text, or social message).

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