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Prism CRM Solutions offers Zoho App Consultation, Customization, Implementation, and a one-of-a-kind training solution tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

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We are a results-driven, CRM software Provider and ZOHO Certified consultants.

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Zoho One

End-to-end software

Zoho One is an all-in-one integrated system that includes 45+ Applications to manage your small, medium, or large company and to boost productivity across the entire team. It’s a system that provides integrated software for sales, marketing, customer service, accounting, operations, and human resources.

Zoho CRM

The complete CRM platform

Zoho CRM Plus

Unified customer experience platform

Finance Plus

Unified finance platform for business

Zoho Desk

Omnichannel customer service solution

People Plus

Unified HR platform

Zoho Creator

Simplify complex business processes

Zoho People

Smart HR management software

Zoho Meeting

Meeting & webinar solution

Zoho Assist

On-demand remote support and unattended remote access software.


Chat that's built for work

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Secure business email

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Automate your human resources processes


All the tools for work in one integrated suite

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Planning and tracking tool for agile teams

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We help you align IT to business
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Over a decade of providing exceptional and innovative marketing solutions

Prism CRM Solutions specializes in ZOHO ONE Suite Apps and ZOHO CRM implementation, customization, training and support.

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Collaborate with the best CRM consultant in Dubai- UAE

Give your business a head start with Prism CRM Solutions

We offer comprehensive and in-depth training for the entire ZOHO One Package, and also high-level, custom-tailored solutions for all of your business requirements. 

What we offer in a nutshell:

  1. Transparent Pricing.
  2. Complete End to end Zoho planning and Implementation.
  3. Customization of full Zoho Platforms and Apps.
  4. Training and support from qualified ZOHO One Experts.
  5. Personalized and cost-effective annual maintenance contracts.
  6. Integrate Zoho with more than Web 65+ other platforms and Apps.
  7. Timely Delivery

We provide customized CRM solutions for businesses.

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Zoho One Zoho CRM Zoho Campaigns Zoho Projects
Zoho apps can be bought in three different ways. Individual apps, bundles, and the entire suite (Zoho One) are available for purchase.
Zoho One contains all applications, it is the entire suite. You get one account, one phone number, and access to 45+ Zoho Applications.

If you'd want to try out a couple of the best business management software applications, below are a few possibilities to consider.

À la carte – If you would like to handpick a few Zoho applications, this is a wonderful alternative.

Bundles of Zoho Integrated softwares are together. You have the option of purchasing one, two, or all three of our bundles (although opting for Zoho One might be a better deal).

CRM Plus is a package that allows you to find, acquire, and support your customers.

Finance Plus is a package that allows you to manage your accounts, spending, inventories, and more.

Workplace is a collection of productivity and collaborative tools for completing tasks.
At the moment, Zoho does not provide assistance with implementation. They do, however, have partners around and in the United Arab Emirates.
Prism CRM Solutions, a Zoho Partner, provides consultation, customization, implementation and training services to ensure that you maximize all the benefits of the best CRM software, contact us on sales@prismcrmsolutions.com.
Yes, Zoho creator has limits and according to ZOHO, below are a few that you can be aware of.
Storage: 5GB per employee
Emails: 500 per employee, per day
Schedules: 500 per employee, per month
External calls: 500 per employee, per day
Developer API: 1000 per employee, per day
Records: 25,000 Records/employee incase of less than 10 employees Unlimited data in case of more than 10 employees
Zoho one can help through Zoho Creator, a platform that enables users to develop specific applications that match their company requirements.
Creator has been used by over a million Companies, Prism CRM Solutions, a Zoho one consultant can assist you with the process of setting up your own app. Send us an email at sales@prismcrmsolutions.com
Whether you have a desktop or laptop computer,Tablet and mobile phones, you can use Zoho One because it is comprehensive and adaptable business management software. It works well on Windows, Mac, and Android systems, providing a consistent user experience across all platforms.
Zoho CRM, the best CRM for Lead Management has numerous benefits; one of which is that it can be easily customized to respond to the specific needs of any Company type and size.

Zoho CRM software service delivers a centralized database across the organization for your sales, customer support, and marketing teams, giving you a bird's eye view of what's going on in your Company’s sales.

Last but not least, Zoho CRM maintains all contacts and discussions with potential clients. Clients contact you through numerous channels such as websites, direct calls, social media platforms and so on. Zoho CRM is designed to be a client relationship management software for your business. It enables you to cover every detail involved in the selling process.
Zoho CRM integrates with multiple Zoho applications and other third party apps via APIs and connectors, these include the following;

Zoho CRM integrates with multiple Zoho Applications and a few are mentioned below.
Zoho Books
Zoho Inventory
Zoho Projects
Zoho Campaigns
Zoho Recruit
Zoho Analytics

Third Party Applications
Microsoft 365
Google work spaces
Facebook Ads
Mail Chimp
Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate are the four pricing plans offered by Zoho CRM.
The standard plan costs $14 per month per user, the Professional Plan costs $23 per month per user, the enterprise plan costs $40 per month per user, and the Ultimate plan costs $52 per month per user.

Zoho CRM also has a 15-day free plan with limited features.
Yes, Zoho CRM has an app that is available for iPhone and Android. Even if you don't have internet access, the app allows you to work on the go. Your data is automatically synced across all platforms once you have internet access.
Absolutely. As the best CRM for lead management, Zoho Assigns your leads in order to automate the distribution rules to Zoho CRM users. Once the requirements are communicated based on your company's lead distribution strategy, the leads imported or generated through online forms are automatically assigned to your company's sales team.
Zoho Campaigns assists your company with all bulk email marketing that need to be sent out while Zoho Mail helps businesses to manage professional communications.
It is not possible, Zoho Campaigns can only be used for sending marketing emails.
Zoho Campaigns works with Zoho CRM, Zoho Bigin, Hubspot and more applications to ensure that sales and marketing are coordinated.
Yes, All Leads and Contacts data will sync and create a separate mailing list in Zoho Campaigns which can be used for email marketing.
Follow these steps to schedule a campaign based on the recipient's time zone:

Choose Campaigns from the Navigation toolbar, then Regular Campaigns.
Give your campaign a name and fill it with material.
Select a Schedule Type on the Campaign Review page.
Select the recipient's time zone.
Date and time must be specified.
To begin scheduling, click Schedule.
Zoho Projects is now available on all devices. Regardless of where you are, you can access and control your work. Even if you're outside of the office, you can view, edit and approve project documents right from your phone or tablet. The app is free for Zoho Projects customers with a Zoho account.
While using Zoho Projects, it is possible to delete and then re-add a project/client user. It is also possible to delete a project/client user and then re-add them after making changes to the client/project details.
You can examine your timesheet report by user or project using Zoho Social. You will get the overall view of your statistics, including total billable hours earned, average billable hours per day or week, and other information. In the home section, select My Timesheet and to access timesheet reports across projects, use Filter.
The My Milestones tab displays all overdue tasks across all projects. Use the Filter option in the Milestones section to see all the overdue tasks of a specific project. The overdue tasks are displayed by date and include the due date for each task, who assigned it, and its description.
Get a quick start on planning and running your projects with Zoho Projects' Free-User Plan. This edition allows you to plan and run projects from your browser or from mobile devices. You also get project reporting and collaboration tools and use them indefinitely.